Escape Room Pod System

Pods effectively utilise space and minimise changes to existing buildings, as not all venues are easily adaptable and require workarounds and creative thinking. We can provide Escape Rooms in pod format for those awkward moments. 

Our workshop develops pods with our preferred partner; they design a proof of concept before entering the construction phase.

The pods are delivered to locations and are ideal for premises where construction restrictions dictate the fabric of the building and cannot be altered; we place a pod straight into the room.  

Pods can be pre-themed and connected to fire and power systems. 

Suitable for warehouse locations, this solution enables rooms to be swapped back to our store and replaced with another.

Here are some examples of pods installations being constructed and ready to be installed in Escape Room businesses around the UK:


Pods are designed to be deconstructed and relocated with ease. 

We can provide a storage solution for franchises that wish to remove pods for seasonal changeovers. 

Games that have used our Pod Format include:

We invite Franchise Owners to visit by appointment to discuss options and review construction in progress.

To find out more about our Pod Escape Room System, get in touch.