60 Minute Escape Games

Escape Room Players

Our sixty-minute escape room games are available to franchise.

We offer a tried and trusted format; each game has been played and reviewed thousands of times in existing locations.

Each game requires a dedicated gamesmaster (staff member)  to monitor, support and interact with the players; each game is private and exclusive to the booking.


As a premium Escape Room company games are charged out at higher prices than local competitors and command higher profits and customer retention rates.

Select a game to learn more:

Rob the Bank

Rob the Bank

The game starts in the back of a real van that crashed through the wall of a bank, with a live actor (Security Guard) on duty.

60 Minute Escape Games

The Governor

Players start handcuffed, are blindfolded and led into the jail, and a series of fun surprises make this multi-room adventure incredibly popular with groups.

60 Minute Escape Games

The Crazy Cat Lady

Our most popular family adventure game is set in a children’s storybook; the team must work together to find Aunt Edna’s six cats.

An Hour to Kill Hollywood

An Hour to Kill, Hollywood

Set in a 1940s Hollywood Dressing Room, the game stars Ruby Rose, a notorious stage actress with a habit of marrying men and then killing them. 

60 Minute Escape Games

Eerie Motel California

“Eerie Motel, California” is set in a 1960s-themed Route 66 American Motel and is an action-packed adventure to recover a stolen diamond.

60 Minute Escape Games

Sausage Surprise

The team start on a beach in front of the Punch and Judy show, with an ice cream shop to their left and the beach huts to their right; which way will they go first in another big multi-space adventure? 

60 Minute Escape Games

The Last Testament

Uncle Reg has passed away; the family (players) arrive for his wake to find out what he has left them; they then spend an hour exploring his house and the puzzles leading to the inheritance.

60 Minute Escape Games


The team enters the abandoned van in the woods near where the UFO landed; can they uncover the truth and reveal it to the rest of the world before time runs out?

60 Minute Escape Games

Rob the Bank 2

The game starts in the back of a real van with gold around the bank robbers feet, but the van won’t start, it’s time to explore the high street.

Deep Trouble

Deep Trouble

Teams are divided and start in two identical chambers in competition; the race is on to complete the challenges first.  Once teams have completed their respective missions, they unite for the final part of the game. 

60 Minute Escape Games

The Cage

‘The Cage’ is an interactive multi-room adventure, a prequel to ‘The Governor’ based in a body parts fast food restaurant for zombies, zombies have got to eat too.

60 Minute Escape Games

The Big Hangover

Teams ‘wake up’ in a Police Station cell, handcuffed to the wall. Huge explorable set based in a side street with a series of challenges and a mysterious and notorious character nearby.

60 Minute Escape Games

Patient Zero

This is a high-energy one-room game, relatively simple in design but full of technology that interacts with various game elements; teams work to save the world from a deadly pandemic from breaking out. 

Future 60 Minute Games

Games in the writing stage include:

  • Miss Fortune
  • At Death’s Door
  • The Hide Out
  • The Crazy Cat Lady 2: The Lost Kittens

Each existing game has been in operation at our existing corporate and franchise venues and has built up five star reviews across Tripadvisor, Google and Facebook.

Games can be reconfigured to to fit within an Escape Room venue. 

Game Formats

We have five types of Escape Room Games available to franchise: