Know Escape Franchise Ltd

An existing Escape Room location converted to our franchise model and now enjoys 400%+ more income.

Established and properly marketed, Know Escape locations consistently outperform competitors in every town and city where we operate. We understand what makes a great game, how to appeal to customers, and how to effectively advertise and market an escape room business. 

We have all the necessary systems, processes, and training in place to ensure your success.

Know Escape Franchise Ltd
Escape Room Franchise

The Know Escape team has all the solutions for a successful business that you will enjoy; players will rave about, tell others, and return to play more games.

We work in partnership; we know if you succeed, we will too. 

Open an Escape Room Franchise

Open a new Escape Room Franchise as part of the Know Escape Brand

Convert to Know Escape

Convert an existing Escape Room business to become a Know Escape

Escape Room Consultancy

Get consultancy services for games, revenue and escape room marketing

Avoid the common mistakes

Our experienced team has learned from our own errors, developing a winning formula for successful escape room venues from day one. We provide efficient staff training, comprehensive materials, and guides to ensure exceptional customer service.

We’ve made all the costly mistakes, you’ll avoid them and get the proven formula. 

Escape Room Franchise
Know Escape Franchise Ltd
Know Escape Franchise Ltd

Five-star escape room franchise games

Our game catalogue includes games ranging from 60-minute to seasonal, mobile, online, and overnight escape room experiences

Our venues also benefit from competitors not knowing what we know or being poorly advised or supported by their existing franchise partners.

The Know Escape model is realistic, cost-effective and affordable.

We seek new franchisees to join the expanding network and welcome contact from the UK and worldwide locations.

We are particularly interested in enquiries from the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. 

Escape Room Franchise

Enjoy more customers

As a premium escape room company, we command higher ticket prices for experiences than the competition; we offer bigger rooms, immersive stories, and clever twists and commit to dedicated staff watching one game at a time. 

Our format is successful and profitable.

We’re also friendly people; who work in partnership and know that if a franchise succeeds, we will succeed too. 

rob the bank

Our Rob the Bank game is one of twenty games we have available to the franchise; the game has over 5,000 five-star reviews and is currently operated across five locations in the UK. 

You will succeed if you open Rob the Bank or one of our other high-performing games for your customers.

Work in partnership

We’re thrilled to share that our venues consistently rank in the top 10% on Tripadvisor worldwide. Notably, one of our locations holds the title of the UK’s #1 Escape Room.

Eerie Motel California has recently gained recognition as one of the world’s best escape games, a source of immense pride for us. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

As you explore our website, you’ll discover the solutions and accomplishments our dedicated team has painstakingly crafted. Here, you’ll also find insights on implementing proven systems and processes in your business, allowing you to truly enjoy your work.

The global landscape for escape game franchises is expanding rapidly. If you’re eager to be a part of this booming trend and create something extraordinary, unique, and enjoyable, seize this opportunity!

rob the bank

You are here to learn about Escape Room Franchises, and a good starting point is our Escape Room Solutions page; we detail what will be achieved.