Christmas Escape Room Games

Our Christmas Escape Room Games are available to franchise.

Since 2018 our team have run thousands of Christmas Escape Rooms at corporate and franchise venues across the UK.

Christmas Games are a great way to bring in additional revenue, often bought by customers as gifts for the family. 

With limited slots available, teams usually book a Christmas Escape Room months in advance, and tickets are sold throughout the year. 

At the Chelmsford venue, we repurpose the set of ‘The Last Testament’ to become ‘Elf Isolation’; at Maldon, one of the rooms in ‘The Cage’ is partially used for ‘When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney!’

Here are the five Christmas Escape rooms available to the franchise:



As a premium Escape Room company, our games command higher prices than local competitors, which means higher profits and customer retention rates.

Select a Christmas-themed game to learn more about these opportunities:

when santa got stuck up the chimney

When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney!

A smash hit with customers, Santa is stuck, help him escape!

elf isolation

Elf Isolation

With so many elves now in ‘Elf Isolation’, Santa needs help this year!

all of the other reindeer

All of the Other Reindeer

We all know the story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, but what about all the other reindeer? 

christmas candy chaos

Christmas Candy Chaos

The game is set in two identical rooms, players are divided into two teams and race against each other to complete the challenge and get the candy.

Christmas Escape Room Games

Elves on the Shelves

A brand new game for 2023, six elves are hiding, can you find them and put them back on the shelves?

christmas chaos

Christmas Chaos

A relatively simple-to-run Christmas game set across two rooms, the elves have caused chaos; help save Christmas!

Future Christmas Games

Our writing team are working on exciting new Escape Rooms for Christmas.

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