Our Locations are classified into two groups:

  • Franchise owned

  • Corporate owned

Franchise Owned Venues

Each of our franchise locations started out by the owner researching Escape Room franchises, and would have come to this very page before contacting us, and starting the journey.

We do not accept all enquiries and commit to strict territories with our escape room franchises to ensure game choices are spread evenly and allow a fair opportunity for custom.

The following venues are owned by companies who have opened a Know Escape Franchise:

  • 4 – Kingston, West London, in a shopping centre

  • 6 – Gatwick, Surrey, on a high street

  • 7 – Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in the town centre

  • 9 – Sudbury, Suffolk, near the bus station

  • 10 – High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, on the main high street
  • 11 – Coventry, West Midlands, in the City Centre

Corporate Venues

The following venues are not franchises, they are owned and operated by Know Escape, and we refer to them as ‘Corporate’ venues:

  • 1 – Chelmsford, Essex
  • 2 – Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire 
  • 3 – Maldon, Essex
  • 5 – Know Escape Online (Online Escape Rooms)
  • 8 – Witham, Essex

The first location opened by Know Escape was in Chelmsford; the reaction by the general public to our game format was so popular we quickly established two more venues (Maldon and Bishop’s Stortford) before offering our model to franchising.

Our most recent venue is in Witham where we have setup a family entertainment centre, and have built a state of the art laser tag arena and gaming and party room offer.

Click here to learn more about the Corporate Venues, and the games operated.


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