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Perhaps you are here because you are struggling, or maybe you are already doing well but want to do better; we can help achieve fantastic levels.

Our Escape Room Franchises can achieve north of £200k ($232k) per year in sales for venues with more than one game; it all depends on the location, game offer, training, marketing and customer service.

We offer a full solution.

Proven success

In January 2022, High Wycombe (Buckinghamshire, UK) converted to a Know Escape Franchise; they now enjoy over 50% better trade (and turnover), the existing escape room company simply switched to our games, and implemented our systems and processes.

On our first site inspection in late 2021, our team recommended that all three existing games be removed and rethemed. 

Within three months the transformation was complete and three Know Escape Games launched taking the venue to a healthy new future.


Convert to Know Escape

High Wycombe is now sold out at weekends and consistently five-star on Trip Advisor.  We are so proud of them.

Find out more about High Wycombe and the other existing franchises within the Locations section of our website, we have franchises in shopping centres, on high streets, and know how to utilise space to reach maximum potential.

Convert to Know Escape
Convert to Know Escape


The team at Know Escape have spent significant time and money travelling worldwide to experience escape rooms in different environments and cultures; we are true escape room enthusiasts.

Our writing team have developed some of our best games by building rooms for our friends and families to play, and we don’t release anything to the general public until it has been extensively tested, is robust and perfect.

Managing Director and Chief Escape Game Writer, Matthew Eaves, states:

“We are different, and proudly so.

We spotted a massive gap in the market that most escape room companies miss entirely and created our formats, stories and puzzles to fill the hole. As a result, we are swamped and profitable in both time and money, time being the most important.”

Matthew continues:

“I get enormously frustrated by Escape Rooms that are very clever in theme but lack stories, characters and mission empathy; it’s not ok to take a team into a room, say something to them, start a clock and leave; that’s lazy. Rooms need extensive introductions that are more than verbal; teams need to be submerged in purpose and leave their worries and everyday lives for the next hour. 

It’s also not ok for Escape Room staff to watch more than one escape room team at once; we commit one staff member to every escape room experience.

We offer a premium experience, charge more for games, and get more repeat customers.

Our franchise package will provide all the tools to convert to our format and benefit from our knowledge, games, brand systems and marketing, but most of all, we’ll work with you to get it right.”

Take a look at our Games section linked below for a view of our play offer.

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