Escape the Night

Escape the Night is our overnight Escape Room experience available to franchises.

Our working prototype of the game is set in a luxury apartment above the existing Bishop’s Stortford Escape Room, it has own front door onto the street.

Teams play the game between 4 pm and 12 noon the following day.

There is no camera system, and all clues are delivered over the telephone.

The game features a series of characters who interact via the phone, that the team discover, call and accept calls from during the experience.

Throughout the apartment is a series of puzzles which need to be solved to progress towards the overall common goal.

Escape the Night is based on the same characters as ‘Rob the Bank’ and continues the story as the bank robbers flat. The ‘team’ arrive to find Angie (the main character) is missing and a series of clues lead to her whereabouts. 

Rob the Bank does not need to be previously played to enjoy this game. 

escape the night

Hers is the marketing we use to promote the game:

Spend the night in our luxury loft apartment (directly above the Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms venue).

The Story…

You arrive at Cousin Angie’s flat the day after the bank robbery, and you’ve not seen Angie since the night before as she ran off down the high street with the gold in her dress and a policeman chasing her. 

You unlock her front door and head up the staircase to find the answer phone flashing. Angie is not here, but she has left a message; something is very wrong; you can hear it in her voice; Angie needs your help again.

Together you have from the moment you arrive until noon the following day to solve the puzzles, unlock the riddles and complete our overnight escape room experience.

This is a real-life overnight with beds, and you will sleep in them.

The sofa is comfortable, and there is no camera in sight (you’ll have to phone a dedicated number if you need to use one of your three clues!).

The ultimate overnight experience from Know Escape! 

Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Escape the Night!

Escape the Night


By October 2022, over 300 teams have played ‘Escape the Night’ at our Bishop’s Stortford Venue.

Customers also have the option to extend the experience by adding the Bishop’s Stortford Venue games to the occasion; this generates additional revenue for the business.

escape the night

Game Location


Matthew Eaves


We show potential customers around the apartment using this video as a way of promoting the game:


Here are some of the reviews by players of the game:

Bishop's Stortford Venue

The game has its own webpage at which details photos of the space and links to further reviews.