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Know Escape Online was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic. UK Government Law required all leisure and entertainment businesses to closed on March 21st 2020, the team from Know Escape worked day and night to establish and launch Know Escape Online on March 24th 2020.

This page is about the venue; if you want to book and play the games, go straight to the Know Escape Online website.

During the pandemic Know Escape ran over 6000 games online with a live games master present, the business kept all gamesmaster staff out of furlough and working online to deliver online escape game experiences. Games were run for customers across the globe for families, friends and businesses. 

The business continues today, and is treated as a venue within the Know Escape group. 

All of the online games are available to franchise, either to be operated by a franchisee or sold by franchises and operated by Know Escape team members.

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Know Escape Online

Here is an explainer of ‘Beneath the Dark Dark Wood’, the only game which does not require an online Games Master and can be sold instantly by our venues and franchises:

Online Games

The following games are operated by Know Escape Online:

Current Games

Closed Games

During the Covid-19 pandemic ‘Escape This Podcast‘ loaned Know Escape use of previously broadcasted podcast games for adoption to run as live escape rooms run by a human games master. 

The games run online were:

  • Alex’s Bathroom
  • The Dentist
  • The Witches Tower
  • The Supervillain’s Lair

Know Escape decided to run the above games in order to protect the IP and integrity of the physical Know Escape rooms by not converting them or offering them online.

Some escape room companies strapped cameras to staff heads and ran existing rooms online, although this could have been an option that particular model is not scalable.  Know Escape could run up to 70 games concurrently and often did during the early months of the pandemic. 

Game Teams

Each of the following images shows the volume of teams that have played Know Escape Online games with a live games master:


Know Escape Online archived over 200 five star reviews on Trustpilot, watch the following video to see our online reputation:


Know Escape Online was one of the first to market during the pandemic, but was quickly followed by other Escape Room companies who started to offer Online Escape Room games.

We highly respect the output of the following three providers for online escape room games:


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Many more articles were written during the pandemic for national and international press.


The online operation is expanding, with more games planned.