All of the Other Reindeer

All of the Other Reindeer

Introducing ‘All of the Other Reindeer’, a Christmas Escape Room Experience available as a Christmas Escape Room Franchise.

Here is the game synopsis used in escape room marketing:

We all know the story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, but what about all the other reindeer? 

For years they’ve watched as Rudolph has been showered with love and attention from all the girls and boys worldwide. 

They want a chance to shine as brightly as Rudolph, and they might get it this year. Mr and Mrs Claus have taken Rudolph to the Christmas Awards for the night. 

This gives you and your team enough time to find the recipe and gather all the unique ingredients needed to make the other reindeer glow.

All of the Other Reindeer


The team at Gatwick built the 2021 version of this game in the space occupied at the time by Patient Zero. Many Know Escape venues repurpose existing escape room spaces to house seasonal games; in the case of ‘All of the Other Reindeer’, a set was placed in front of ‘Patient Zero’, meaning that once the group was removed, the original game could return to operation.

Christmas Escape rooms typically run between mid-November to January.

Bookings for Christmas Escape Rooms usually begin in September, with lots of businesses looking to ensure a preferred date for a Christmas party game.

The game is listed on Escape the Review and other sites that record each venue’s operation.

all of the other reindeer


Over 100 teams played ‘All of the Other Reindeer’ during the 2021 Christmas at Gatwick Escape Rooms.

Game Locations

The game has been operated at the following venue:


  • Gatwick Escape Rooms (Christmas 2021)

Number of games played: Hundreds. 

Other Christmas Escape Room games we offer include Elf Isolation and When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney!


Becky Habbishaw


The above trailer was made by the team at Gawick who wrote the game.


The following reviews were written about the game.

Gatwick Escape Rooms

Sarah wrote this review for Tripadvisor:

My friends and I did ‘all the other reindeer‘, which was so much fun. This was my first time doing an escape room and being with friends made the experience that much more fun!! Our games master Freya made our visit and experience fun and lively. The rest of the staff were kind and friendly. Definitely want to go back and do other rooms. Go to Review.

Sarah wrote this review for Tripadvisor:

Just as brilliant as last time. ‘All of the other reindeer’ room was amazing. Really clever. Jamie our games master was ace, he knew when to help out (a little!!!). The rooms are so well thought through. I can’t wait to do the other rooms. We also loved the addition of the coffee facility and the slushy machine. Brilliant morning out. Thank you Jamie and Gatwick Escape Rooms. Go to Review.