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This is a live Online Escape Room run by the Know Escape Online team with a live online games master present. 

The game is available to the franchise and operates or sells games on an introduction/commission basis. 

The game is marketed with the following introduction:

“As you leave the dark forest and cut through the compound fence, you and your crew scurry across the courtyard towards the Highwater Compound. This is where the Highwater’s didn’t want you to find, where they didn’t want you to come into, and where the ground beneath you suddenly falls away, and you find yourselves in a pile on the floor, underground. You wake up to a cat licking your face; you are all hurt but alive, confused, and it’s time to find out what is going on and how to get out; you have an hour; it’s dark. Escape.”


Number of games played: Hundreds.


Game Locations


Callum Darcy



The game has been reviewed by Escape the Roomers who said:

This game is fantastic, very interesting to play an online game with a gamesmaster present and guiding us through the game as our eyes and ears, Callum was fantastic

Get access to the game at www.knowescapeonline.co.uk