The Curse of Emma Rose

The Curse of Emma Rose

A live online escape room run with a games master present.  

The game is available to franchise, and earn commission via selling games to be operated by Know Escape team members.

Here is how the game is marketed:

It’s a winters night at the Emma Rose hotel. A thunderous scream echoes up the stairs, and you all scramble out of your beds. You all gather round reception, trembling with fear. Mr Jenkins, the manager, lying over the reception desk, dead. The six of you were the only ones here tonight; one of you must have done it… 

This is a brand new multi virtual room, an immersive online escape room. 
You will play with a live Games Master hosting your one hour game. 
Will you make it out?:
The Curse of Emma Rose


Number of games played: Hundreds.

The Curse of Emma Rose

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Mia Leary



The game has been reviewed by Escape the Roomers who said:

"Clicking the link, this game was played over Jitsi. We were each assigned a character role that we would get to be and would come into play later in the game for some minor dialogue.

We then watched a high production video that introduced us to the story and set the mood before we began the game. The game was a little different than what I have seen before. It was a blend of a point-n-click and an audio escape game.

The GM would perform the actions for us as we explored the areas, but she also read out a narrative as she did it.

She also kept track of our inventory for us as we collected items and used them up.

This different experience was a satisfying blend of the 2 types of games as it was a little more interactive than a regular audio escape game, but we were able to progress together unlike some other point-n-click games.

As we explored the hotel, you end up at all 6 character’s hotel rooms and that is when each of us were able to play our part, but do not worry.

We were sent the dialogue that we had to reveal to the rest of the group."

Read the entire Escape the Roomers review here.

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