Mother's Room

Mother's Room

This is a live virtual world escape room run by a live Games Master employed by Know Escape.

The game is run through web conference software and thousands of games have been played.

The game is a continuation of ‘The Last Testament’ telling the story of ‘Mother’ and what happened to her.

The game is marketed using the following text:

“The bus drops you at the foot of the hill, at the gate to the Appleyards. You are holding further instructions from Great Uncle Reginald. You learn that nobody has been in Mother’s Room since Mother left, the door is still locked, and the key was never found. 

There is something of incredible value, and only an hour to find it. 

You and your team have one hour to find your way in, solve the puzzles, unlock the secrets and leave with Mother’s most treasured possession. 

Will you make it out?”

Mother's Room


Number of games played: Thousands.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic the game was played by thousands of players from across the world, here are some of the teams:

Mother’s Room

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Matthew Eaves



The game has been reviewed by Escape the Roomers who said:

After clicking the link provided, you are brought over the Know Escape’s chosen online platform for their games, Jitsi. Your Gamemaster will explain the instructions of the game and also show a well introduction video that explores the backstory of the game, which I loved. This game is essentially an audio escape game with the GM performing some elements of a point-n-click and an audio escape game. Your group informs the GM which items you want to inspect and which rooms you want to explore and they will click them as well as provide prompted details that are revealed when you explore. It’s essentially an interactive narrative which means you can easily immerse yourself by engaging with the GM. There is also an inventory that the GM will keep track of for you at the bottom of the screen.

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