Rob the Bank 2

Rob the Bank 2

The follow up to our enormously popular Rob the Bank game. The Set is enormous. 

Gear up for the heart-pounding sequel to the infamous Rob the Bank Escape Room Game! After successfully robbing the bank, you and your daring team of bank robbers find yourselves in the back of the Cousin Angie’s van with 100 glittering gold bars around your feet, all set to make your escape. 

However, there’s a twist! The van won’t start, leaving you stranded in a vast purpose-built town set, designed for an unparalleled escape experience. 

Your adrenaline surges as you step into the largest purpose-built escape room in the South East of England – an expansive, live-acted street scene awaiting exploration, inch by inch. 

Every second counts, and your mission is crystal clear: outsmart the live actors, crack fun puzzles, and secure the ultimate escape before the clock ticks down. 

Can you and your crew keep your cool under pressure, navigate this immersive world, and pull off the clean getaway of a lifetime in this action-packed 60-minute escape adventure? 

The thrill awaits you! Book now and prove your heist skills in Rob the Bank 2, brought to you by Know Escape. 

Are you the ultimate escape artist? Don’t miss out on the rush – we’re taking bookings now!

Wear dark clothes and comfortable shoes, it’s time to getaway!


Rob the Bank 2
Number of games played: Launched October 2023. 
A few hundred players have played Rob the Bank at Sudbury in October 2023.
Rob the Bank 2

‘Escape the Night’ tells the story of the Night after the bank robbery and is an Overnight Escape room experience.

All of the Know Escape games are linked within ‘The World of Know Escape’; all the characters in our games are either related or know of each other. 

Game Locations

Rob the Bank 2 has operated at the following locations:

Writing Team

Matthew Eaves
Callum Darcy
Lucy Gardiner
Matt Reffell
Adam Reffell



Sudbury Venue

Gingerpride on TripAdvisor:

Worthy Sequel to Rob the Bank!

Oct 2023 • Family

Had a fab evening playing the great new Rob the bank 2 room in Sudbury last night. One adult and three 14 year olds meant that there was never a dull moment. Atmosphere of the original is continued from the start but it wouldn’t matter if you hadn’t played the original as there is a helpful recap. Overall, really enjoyed the scale of multi room challenge, which is helpfully kept on track by the game master at all times. Some entertaining performances by the staff, keep things fun and humorous. I think the 4/5 difficulty rating is fair but games master is good at teasing you along if you hit a real dead end. We just managed to complete the room with around a minute to spare which made it a great nail biting finish. Thanks again to the great staff for a fun evening and looking forward to coming back to try Eerie Motel California next. 👍

Rob the Bank 2