Patient Zero

Patient Zero

Patient Zero is our fast-paced ‘save the world’s game, based in a laboratory that is overcome by a mysterious virus.  

This Is our first game with no padlocks, and it gets rave reviews from players who enjoy thinking outside the box. 

This is a high-energy one-room game, relatively simple in design but full of technology that interacts with various game elements. 

Popular with corporate groups and families.

This game’s objective is to find the cure and save the world; the game’s final moments are an escape from the room rush.

At Christmas, we have converted the space to operate Christmas games; for example, Gatwick Escape Rooms refitted the area to become All of the Other Reindeer. 

Witham retired Patient Zero to convert the space to become Exposed; our rooms can be easily adapted.

patient zero


Number of players: Thousands

Games have been played Played Patient Zero across Witham, Bishop’s Stortford  and Gatwick venues.

Patient Zero

Game Locations

Patient Zero has been operated at the following locations:


Will Hazon

The author of this game, Will, also wrote Christmas Chaos and Christmas Candy Chaos.



Here are some of the reviews left online for Patient Zero:

Gatwick Venue

Bishop's Stortford Venue

Witham Venue

Deblah92 left the following review on Tripadvisor:

Had a brilliant time here playing the Patient Zero room, so much was packed into the two rooms. It was challenging but great fun and Steph was great at giving hints at the right time too.
We have left with an excited 11 year old already desperate to go back and we certainly will be. Go to Review.

patient zero