Deep Trouble

Deep Trouble

Deep Trouble is based on an old wooden Soviet Submarine; players are in deep trouble!

The game is available as an Escape Room Franchise game.

Teams are divided and start in two identical chambers in competition; the race is on to complete the challenges first.  Once the teams have completed their respective missions, they unite for the final part of the game. 

This game is an extensive construction across different levels; it requires significant investment to achieve the level of detail and interaction. 

This is the most enquired about the game on our support desk.

Deep Trouble
deep trouble

Deep Trouble is a big team adventure game; it is enjoyed most by players who like to explore big escape rooms, other large escape rooms we offer include ‘The Big Hangover’ and ‘Rob the Bank’. 


Number of games played: Thousands.

Thousands of people have played ‘Deep Trouble’ at Maldon and Gatwick, this is the 2019 teams from Maldon:

Deep Trouble

Game Locations

The following Know Escape venues have constructed and run Deep Trouble:


Matthew Eaves



Here are some customer reviews of the Deep Trouble escape room game:

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