Sausage Surprise

sausage surprise

Sausage Surprise is our brightest Escape Room set yet; we’ve built a seaside adventure.

Sausage Surprise has been created to respond to customer feedback which suggested a follow-up to The Crazy Cat Lady game. Aunt Edna (Crazy Cat Lady) appears in the game.

This escape room is available as a game that can be franchised.

Mr Punch is cooking a Sausage Surprise for Mrs Punch when the naughty crocodile suddenly eats all the sausages!

Teams start in front of the Punch and Judy show, with an ice cream shop to your left and the beach huts to the right; they must work together to solve the puzzles, unlock the riddles and find the sausages.

Escape games are an excellent way to spend quality time with friends and family while solving puzzles together in this live-action game. The clock counts down for 60 minutes. 

The game is full of innuendo children will miss, and adults will chuckle; it’s all great fun!  

sausage surprise
Sausage Surprise


A number of games played: Thousands.

Sausage Surprise is suitable for Children and Adults; it is hugely popular at Witham and in construction at Chesterfield and Kingston. 

Here are some of the 2022 teams at Witham:

Sausage Surprise

Game Locations

Sausage Surprise has been constructed at the following venues:


Matthew Eaves


The trailer is in development, until it is ready here is the promotional PR we share with our team:


Here are some of the reviews about Sausage Surprise as left by our players:

Witham Venue

Taylor left the following review on Tripadvisor:

We did an escape room in Witham this evening! Without giving to much away we did a Punch and Judy themed room which we initially thought would be aimed at children but it was amusing and well suited to accommodate all ages our games master Emily was really friendly and helpful and allowed our game to go smoothly in order to escape. Go to review.

Marie left the following review on Tripadvisor:

A really fun time trying to find the sausages for Mrs Punch! Solving clues to open padlocks, missing the most obvious ones and had to use all our clues!! Mollie as gamemaster was brilliant and kept us on the straight path. Only just managed to complete the task within the hour, it went so quickly. Definitely recommend this escape, and we’re off to try some of the others now. Go to Review.

Christine left the following review on Tripadvisor:

We played ‘Sausage Surprise’ as a family, with teenagers. We have played quite a few rooms and this is undoubtedly the funniest yet! The theming was excellent and would make it suitable for all ages. There are a good variety of challenging and fun puzzles to solve and the interaction with your games master is great. We had Mollie, who met us with enthusiasm and ensured we kept smiling throughout. This is a colourful, fun and really well designed room, which we would all definitely recommend. Go to review.

Chesterfield Venue

Mia left the following review on Tripadvisor:

Played their brand new escape room “Sausage Surprise” the other day. Brilliant fun, all sorts of puzzles that our group enjoyed, and the game can either be played for kids or for adults, so there’s real versatility to it and means it is for all ages, families, friends, parties, all sorts. I’d really recommend giving it a go, no matter whether you’ve never played an escape room before, or whether you’ve played loads! Go to review.

Kathy left the following review on Tripadvisor:

Well Sausage Surprise did not disappoint, what a laugh we had, watch out for the seagull 😂.. Have done a few escapes rooms now and this was one of my favourites. Great fun for family or a group of friends.. Definitely recommend. Go to review.