Eerie Motel, California

Eerie Motel, California

Eerie Motel, California, is our most oversized format, set across multiple rooms and requires ample space to be effective.

The game is available as an escape room franchise room.

“Eerie Motel, California” is set in a 1960s-themed Route 66 American Motel and is an action-packed adventure starting in the lobby at midnight.

Teams progress through the motel to recover a diamond hidden from the Mafia.

Like all Know Escape games, ‘Eerie Motel, California’ is rich in backstory, puzzles and theme. Accompanied by an awesome introduction video (like most of our games), teams leave the game commenting on just how clever it is.

Beware of imitations; it’s the original and best Motel-based escape room out there!

This game is popular with teams getting engaged; we’ve had three teams so far who have swapped the end diamond for a ring; example below:

eerie motel california
Eerie Motel, California


Number of games played: Thousands.

Our largest and most beautiful set, loved and played by thousands of players across Bishop’s Stortford, Chesterfield and Sudbury. 

Eerie Motel, California

All the games played at Bishop’s Stortford before the game was relocated to Sudbury are recorded in the following collage, every team picture is unique:

Eerie Motel, California

Game Locations

Eerie Motel, California has operated at the following locations:


Matthew Eaves



Here are some of the game reviews by players of Eerie Motel, California:

Bishop's Stortford Venue

Abigail L on Tripadvisor said:

“I recently did the eerie motel room with my family and we loved it. I am the only one out of the 6 of us to ever do an escape room before (I’m trying to convert more of my family into doing them with me). Having done MANY escape rooms before, this was the first one with this company and it definitely lived up to expectations! Was very different to one’s I have completed before (in a very good way), was very interactive (not just finding codes and keys for locks). Being with a group of ‘newbies’ we did need quite a few hints (much more than the 3 they offer you) and our games master (Tania) was lovely about this and definitely made the room more exciting (can’t spoil anything though). This experience was for my birthday and I’m very much looking forward to the next family event for an excuse to come back!” Link to review.

Sarah on Tripavisor said:

“Eerie motel was absolutely brilliant! Done a few escape rooms and this is as by far the best so far, full of thrills and puzzles.
Made me jump a little but we escaped with 2 minutes to spare.
Well recommended to all”

Link to review.

Sudbury Venue

20evie00 on Tripadvisor said:

“I played the eerie motel with friends and it was absolutely brilliant. There was so much to do and it had some really cool features. I definitely recommend playing this room if you have not done so already” Link to review.

Siera on Tripadvisor said:

The craftmanship alone is worth this excellent review!! The game itself (Eerie Motel) was very intricately designed and so fun and interesting to play! What an experience. Highly recommend! Also Lucy was a lovely host/room master.” Link to review.

Sarah J on Tripadvisor said:

I wasn’t sure what to expect but this escape room was definitely one of the best I’ve done. A fun way to spend a Saturday eve and there were lots of layers to the clues making it challenging but also v fun!
Lucy was our Games Master and she was brilliant- I highly recommend!
And we found the diamond 🙂

Link to review.

Eerie Motel