The Crazy Cat Lady

The Crazy Cat Lady

The Crazy Cat Lady is an escape room game available to franchise.

Our most popular family adventure game is set in a children’s storybook. 

Objective: In one hour, find six missing cats!

The Crazy Cat Lady is a multi-room game that can be built in a relatively small space, with some clever innovations to maximise gameplay.

We own the trademark to ‘The Crazy Cat Lady’, ensuring no other UK escape room can trade with the name.

This guaranteed revenue generator is especially popular with families, hen parties and children’s birthday parties.

The game requires two rooms (a larger living room and a smaller kitchen area) and space for the gamesmaster to interact with the game.

There is a nice review of the game at the High Wycombe location on ‘Free Time with the Kids’ website, click here to read it.

the crazy cat lady
The Crazy Cat Lady

A similar format game we have to offer on the franchise is Sausage Surprise. In Sausage Surprise, customers meet Aunt Edna (The Crazy Cat Lady) again, hunting the beach to find sausages for Mr Punch.


Number of games played: Thousands.

The Crazy Cat Lady is the most commissioned game; Kingston has two identical rooms to enable two teams to race each other; this is popular with corporates.

Here are a few team photos from Bishop’s Stortford and Chelmsford:

The Crazy Cat Lady

Our characters and games are sometimes included in events and celebrations. We adore that one of the Kingston franchise customers decided to get a cake made using our character, Aunt Edna. Edna looked epic in cake form and was brought along to be cut by Tilly after her friends played ‘The Crazy Cat Lady Escape Room’:

Game Locations

The Crazy Cat Lady has operated at the following locations:


Matthew Eaves



Here are some of the thousands of five reviews about The Crazy Cat Lady from game customers:

Kingston Venue

Here is a review of a team who completed The Crazy Cat Lady at Kingston and then video-logged the experience on YouTube:

Chelmsford Venue

High Wycombe Venue

Bishop's Stortford Venue

Chesterfield Venue

Gatwick Venue