The Big Hangover

The Big Hangover

In The Big Hangover, teams wake up in a Police cell, handcuffed to the wall.

This is an escape room franchise game which can be franchised worldwide. 

It’s the day of Spider’s wedding.

The TV news reports many things happened last night; players appear to be responsible but cannot remember a thing, and Spider is missing.

In this vast explorable multi-room escape room, teams must find Spider (he is locked somewhere down the street).

The wedding is in one hour.

Can they find Spider to the church on time?

Fun, silly, and suitable for all ages.

The Big Hangover, from the writer of ‘Rob the Bank’, ‘The Crazy Cat Lady’, ‘Sausage Surprise’ and ‘The Governor’. Spider appears in lots of Know Escape games, customers follow his story as they play across our games and venues.

the big hangover


The number of players played: Thousands. 

The sheer size of the sizeable explorable game sets at High Wycombe and Witham attract teams of up to ten players, regularly commanding £150 per game.

The Big Hangover

Customers who play this game in big teams enjoy our larger formats, which include ‘Eerie Motel, California’.

Game Locations

The Big Hangover has been constructed and operated at the following venues:


Matthew Eaves



Here are some of the reviews of The Big Hangover as left by our customers on review sites:

Witham Venue

Martin wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

We had great fun today at witham escape rooms playing the big hangover. Our games master Jack was awesome – really funny ‘in character’! We will be booking again soon and will try sausage surprise… Go to Review.

Jessica wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

Big hangover – brilliant!! Loved this room, 6 of us played, two adults, two teens, 9 and 10 year old, brilliant experience and our games host was fab. The kids want to go back next week!! Go to Review.

Lee wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

We had already done the other escape rooms at Witham so was looking forward to The Big Hangoverand we were not disappointed, fun and brain teasing puzzles to solve and Aaron the games master was helpful too, he had lots of energy and guided us through the game. That’s all I can say without any spoilers 😀 So up to now that’s Witham, Maldon and Chelmsford completed 👍🏻 Go to Review.

Ashleigh wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

Played ‘The Hangover’ tonight and absolutely loved it. Funny with a great set, storyline and puzzles. My favourite escape room company 🙂 Josie you’re awesome! Go to Review.

High Wycombe Venue

AKM5507 wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

Highly recommended. This is a very enjoyable escape room. We loved the original beginning (I won’t give away the surprise) and there was humour and fun challenges throughout. The host was exceptionally friendly. It was myself and my son who was 13 – he came away saying it was one of the best escape rooms he’d ever done (and he’s done a lot!). Go to Review.

SD wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

We did the big hangover escape room, our host was Brad. He was funny and a great host.
The whole experience exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend.
We also had made an error with booking the wrong date but they were extremely helpful in fitting us in.
Look forward to returning to try another room. Go to Review.

Catherine wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

Five of us managed to escape from The Big Hangover within the hour, but it would have been close if we hadn’t asked for hints. Great props, very helpful Games Master (thank you Eve) and mind-bending ‘problems’. We were a mixed group from 11 year old up to Grandma-age… suitable for us all.. Go to Review.

Carla wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

I took my team and some other colleagues to try ‘The Big Hangover‘ and we had a fantastic time. None of us had done an escape room before but we all really enjoyed it! Brad was epic in bringing the game to life for us! We managed to escape with 2 seconds to spare and had lovely icecream and milksakes in The Works afterwards. HIghly recommended!. Go to Review.

The Big Hangover

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