The Last Testament

The Last Testament

The Last Testament is the game that started our escape room company, a game still very popular with people of all ages.

The game is available as an escape room franchise.

Uncle Reg has passed away; the family (players) arrive for his wake to find out what he has left them; they then spend an hour exploring his house.

The game is set across multiple rooms, the puzzles are unique, and teams are engaged from when Reg appears on the 1960s television to deliver his video will. 

As with all our games, there are clever twists and turns throughout the adventure; teams love this game!

A relatively simple game to set up; the theme and story are essential.   

The game has been based at Chelmsford since 2017, and a clone was installed in High Wycombe in 2021; each Christmas, we adapt the spaces for use as the temporary set of Elf Isolation.

The Last Testament set at Chelmsford has been refurbished three times since launch in 2017, and even now, as a five-year-old game, the bookings are consistent and robust.  

the last testament
Last Testament


Number of games played: Thousands.

Here are some of the more recent games in October 2022:

The Last Testament

Although the following image is difficult to make out, we’re proud of it; it represents all the teams that played The Last Testament at Chelmsford between 2017 and 2020, all 3450 of them! Each  photo contains 150 unique team pictures: 

The Last Testament

Game Locations

The Last Testament has operated at the following venues:


Ivan Eaves

Matthew Eaves

Will Hazon



Here are some reviews by players who have played The Last Testament:

Chelmsford Venue

High Wycombe Venue

Gabriella wrote the following review on Tripadvisor:

We played The Last Testament and it was brilliant! Exceeded my expectations, would 100% recommend
Gonna come back and play The Big Hangover as that sounds like lots of fun too. Link to review.

Claire wrote the following review on Tripadvisor:

Booked The last testament room for my sons 13th birthday treat with a few of his friends. They all came out smiling and laughing and said how fun it was. Robin their game master was fantastic and explained everything really well. Boys have all said they want to come back soon so that’s always a great thing to hear. Link to review.

Ashley wrote the following review on Tripadvisor:

It was challenging, clever but so much fun. The host made sure you got hints when needed to keep the challenge moving and to keep you engaged. There were little quirky things that made it even more fun too. (Not wanting to provide spoilers)
Thoroughly recommend this. Will be back to try the other ones. We did the last testament. Really good fun. Link to review.

Richard wrote the following review on Tripadvisor:

An amazing experience – my first escape room and I took four 12 year old boys with me for a birthday treat. It was really well managed, great fun and I was gob smacked by how well the lads did. Our host Brad made the experience come to life and was dedicated to our team alone throughout the hour which made the whole experience interactive and fun. I have already recommended it to my friends locally.
Thank you Brad and Co for an unforgettable and really well thought out experience.
Oh, and yes, we completed it. With 16 seconds to spare. Link to review.


The Last Testament Escape Room Game